Magnotta Speedshow

A vanity surf performance.

Magnotta Speedshow  – A vanity surf performance at
Internetcafe Helin, Karl-Marx-Straße 156, Berlin g-maps
8-10 pm, Tuesday 12th of June,  2012

Killing is bad, mailing bodyparts is worse, vanity surfing (while getting caught) is cool!

One week after Magnotta got caught we present a vanity surf performance at the exact same Internetcafe in Berlin where Magnotta was arrested while vanity surfing! Be invited to join and vanity surf yourself!

“Internet cafes are not just vaguely unglamorous places for ethnic minorities and communications challenged, they do have a genuinely bad reputation.” [Olia Lialina – ‘Still There‘] Where else a social network killer can be caught? Of course in the Internet cafe!

by Constant Dullaart, CuratingYoutube, Olia Lialina & Aram Bartholl

Show was awesome fun!! See documentation below:

[shot and edited(!) on a smart phone ]