How to…

How to set up a SPEED SHOW

  1. Find a good cyber cafe / internet-tele shop. It is nice to have many machines but a small group show with 6 or 8 piece can be fun as well. It is recommended to explain the owner what you are planning to do and to make sure he would rent you (almost) all machines. Get a good deal!
  2. Curate a show! Although all the art is on the internet and probably public already it is recommended to ask every artist in advance for permission to be part of the show. This is a standard procedure for art shows and brings in an offical feel. It is also recommended to make sure that at least some of the artist are local and able to be present at the opening.
  3. Make sure you offer a printed program (A4 / Letter) with all the artist names, pieces and info. It has shown that a couple sentenses curator speak for each piece is highly appreciated :) A hanging plan is awesome. Print the program in the shop!
  4. Known issues: Some internet shops have very old machines with outdated browsers or a slow internet connection. You might wanna have a back up plan for HD vimeo pieces and such. Each machine hosts one piece. Set it to homepage in the browser and tell everyone to hit home if they are not sure what they are looking at. Yes, people will surf away! (and check their FB) It makes sense to make a tour once in a while and hit home everywhere.
  5. Announce the show all over the Internetz! It makes a lot of sense to publish a list of participating artist but it is recommended to save the links to the art for a documentation release (people would surf at home and nobody would show up otherwise ;) At last email speedshow @ speedshow net to be announced on this website and for documentation later on.
  6. Have fun and party!