SPEED SHOW: Fun is back!

picture by Benni Walther & Florian Kröner

June 8, 2011
18:00 -20:00 Uhr
Kiosk&Internetcafe Chatroom
Staatsgalerie U-Haltestelle in der Unterführung
Stuttgart, Germany

Curated by Olia Lialina & Aram Bartholl

WWW by  students and former students of Merz Akademie

Participating artist:

Saskia Aldinger
Stefan Krappitz
Daniel Stäbler, Arne Hübner, Theo Seemann, Chris Heller
Manuel Bürger
Dennis Knopf
Linus Suter
Sebastian Schmieg
Johannes P Osterhoff




“Fun is back!” was an awesome show! The internet place in the metro station was magic :)! Thx to all participating artists! Thx to Olia!

pictures by Aram & Stefan Krappitz, all pics on flickr.

Particitpating artists and links:

Save My Job by Stefan Krappitz
Is your Boss uncool? Don’t want to miss a job or get fired because of the pictures of last nights crazy party? On savemyjob.com you can easily make them safe for work.

Ghost Town by Daniel Stäbler, Arne Hübner, Theo Seemann, Chris Heller
An elegant and bitter response of Communication Design students to the paranoia that swept across Germany. It is a research of the new image (and new imageries) of Germany and you are invited to participate in it.

The MIDI Opera by Manuel Bürger
“The MIDI Opera” is composition and interpretation at the same time
were the perception of sound quality depends on the listener’s computer configuration.

Booty Clipse by Dennis Knopf (aka Tracky Birthday)
“wtf???? i dont see no girl” tragiik

Google Car by Linus Suter
Google street car in trouble

Last MIDI Background by Sebastian Schmieg
LMB takes you on a journey through an almost forgotten web that is loud, colorful, often “personal”, and doesn’t care about standards.

Google by Johannes P Osterhoff
Google is a public online performance during wich I document all my search queries made with the search engine of the same name. The performance started on January 1 and will end on December 31, 2011.

Flexible Dancefloor Disco by Saskia Aldinger
Your last chance to learn to dance properly. (drag the frameset!)

pictures by Aram & Stefan Krappitz
More pics on flickr.