Speed Show Cairo “Talk To Me”


Talk To Me”: Speed Show Cairo
Date to be announced
InterClub Internet Café
12 Talaat Harb Street Downtown Cairo

The event was originally going to take place this Thursday, November 24, but as perhaps everybody seen on the news, the situation has become extremely unstable here in Cairo, so it is being postponed until things calm down. I will let you know as soon as we have confirmed the new date

Featured artists:

Annie Abrahams

Sebastian Alvarez

Susana Mendes Silva

Igor Stromajer

Andrew Norm Wilson

Curated by Ania Szremski

**The show has been postponed due to the current unstable situation in downtown Cairo. To be rescheduled in the coming weeks.


“Talk to Me” is a one-night show of net-based works that looks at interpersonal communication and the possibility to create intimacy through virtual spaces. Curated by Ania Szremski and featuring artists Sebastian Alvarez, Andrew Norm Wilson, Annie Abrahams, Igor Stromajer and Susana Mendes Silva, the exhibition includes video works, web pages and Skype performances that address issues related to human speech, and the alienation or intimacy fostered by communication through immaterial channels.

“Talk to Me” is part of the programming accompanying d1sc0nN3ct, an exhibition of digital work exploring breakdowns in the system on view at the Townhouse Factory Space in downtown Cairo. d1sc0nN3ct looks at how artists exploit glitches and other forms of technological disobedience to actively disturb communications, transactions and transmissions. “Talk to Me,” on the other hand, explores the opposite end of the ideological spectrum, asking if it is possible to create feelings of empathy and intimacy across digital space.