September 29, 2012, 7:00 – 11:00 PM, Nicola Internet Cafe (basement), 1565 Robson Street, Vancouver BC Canada

Submarines, ham radio operators, and internet connected computers send out electric pulses and wait for a response… when a computer sends it its called an echo request. All those things are kind of about waiting alone in the darkness and hoping (believing) that someone will reply … its kind of a beautiful idea.


Nicolas Sassoon
Stage Baker
Sabrina Ratté
Yoshi Sodeoka
Carri Munden
Novembre Magazine
Sara Ludy
Sylvain Sailly
Frieda-raye Green
Chris Shier
Patrick Cruz
Kaja Cxzy Andersen
Jeffrey Henderson
Laura Brothers
Ry David Bradley
Andrej Ujhazy
Emilio Gomariz
Kim Asendorf
Rick Silva
Lorna Mills
Matthew Williamson
Dragan Espencheid
Steph Davidson
Brenna Murphy
Olia Lialina
Jon Rafman
Cory Arcangel
Duncan Alexander
Alice Leonards

Curated by Aureliano Segundo and Aaron Chan
Produced by Maggie McGee
Commissioned by Sarah Todd and The Western Front Society
Made possible by Whistler Brewing and the Solo Cup Company

PING!… is part of the conference ProAm: Arts and Culture on the Internet taking place in Vancouver September 28 – 30 2012.

Speed Show is an open exhibition format created by Aram Bartholl.