INTERFUN – Tel Aviv Speed Show

“INTERFUN – Tel Aviv Speed Show”

20 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv (near Herbert Samuel Boardwalk)
Thursday, 6/9/2012, 7-10 PM

“אינטרפאן – תל אביב, ספיד שואו”
אלנבי 20, תל אביב, ליד טיילת הרברט סמואל
יום חמישי, 6/9/2012 בין 7 -10 בערב

אמנים משתתפים

רן סלוין, בן הגרי, טליה לינק, דנה דרויש, ונילה רויאל, אילן יונה, ציון אברהם חזן, דוד אופנהיים, יעל קנרק

Participating Artists

Ran Slavin, Ben Hagari, Talia Link, Dana Darvish, Vanilla Royal, Ilan Yona, Tzion Abraham Hazan, David Oppenheim, Yael Kanarek

אוצר: דורון גולן
Curator: Doron Golan

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Ran Slavin

5 by 7

In this work commissioned by Zooz Magazine earlier this year, the user can assemble his/her own multiple composition from prerecorded real time compositions.
The work makes use of the transformation of fragmented video streams, texts and meanings into accidental generative sound, in an image-sound trans-formative structure breakdown. The changing images create sound soundscapes and a music of chance.
File under: Glitch art. Generative art.

Ilan Yona
The Backdoor Man (2012, 17 Min Video)

in this video Ilan Yona appears as the double for the famous 80’s porn star, Ron Jeremy.
“The Backdoor man” is a soap opera created by combining many different movies (in which Ron Jeremy is the main actor)
into one narrative.

David Oppenheim

Taken from, what started out as a bi-weekly web zine in 1996, New-York, a place for online experimentation, issue 020 was the final installment and the only one created in Tel-Aviv.

Yael Kanarek
Object of Desire

This is a diary of the traveler who searches for the lost treasure in a parallel world Sunset/Sunshine. from World of Awe: Traveler’s Journal, chapter 3

Talia Link
The Treasure Of Life

The Treasure of Life is a digital advice book. Each video in the book includes an advice for improving the viewer’s communication skills. The book deals with the self improvement obligation that inundates us (in YouTube’s “How To” clips, iPhone’s applications, Makeover TV shows and more). Combining with the huge network power, that obligation creates a widespread digital advising culture, in which every layman with a computer, can become a master.

Tzion Abraham Hazan
Marganith Radius 2 (2011, video, 1:40 min. loop)

A series of photographs were shot at over 40 locations from which the tower named Marganith can be seen.
The photos were taken outdoors, along an equidistant radius, establishing the tower as a center point. A circle was drawn on a satellite map to determine the relevant shooting locations by address in order to compose an animated loop in which the tower appears to turn on its axle.

Tick (2008, video painting, loop)
Music by Brian Taylor.

Within the overall loop of “Tick” , there are many smaller loops (or microloops) occurring in concert, all leading nowhere except back to their own starting points. The freewheeling and open subjects of the videos are in this way constrained by very definitive, fruitless cycles – mimicking the obsessive and mythological themes touched upon in VanillaRoyal’s larger collection of works.

Dana Darvish
The Gods’ Sorrow (2002, animation, 7:50 min)

A grotesque violent and entertaining performance in a superficial theatrical reality.

Ben Hagari
A Nous la Liberté (Freedom for Us), 2011

“The installation is centered on a cube projected on the outside and within. The image projected on the four faces of the cube is that of a prison cell. A prisoner, in black-and-white striped costume, his eyes shut, has new eyes painted on his eyelids. Each side is a video sequence comprising still images. Inside the cube is a shadow of a barred window and a silhouette of an old man using his hands to create shadow figures of different animals and plants. The shadow artist Albert Almoznino created the act especially for the installation.”