Cyber Island


A One-Night Art Show in an Internet CaféWednesday,

3. February, 2016
19:00 – 22:00

Große Ulrichstraße 7

Halle (Saale)
☞ Artists
Constant Dullaart — Berlin
Lenka Hamosova — Amsterdam
Morgane Le Ferec — Brussels
Lucia Mendelova (D.O.C.H.) — Bremen
John Provencher — New York City
Tereza Ruller (The Rodina) — Amsterdam
Sofija Stankovi (TeYosh) — Amsterdam
Teodora Stojkovi (TeYosh) — Amsterdam
Max Wohlleber — Stuttgart
Arne Winter — Halle
Anna Unterstab — Halle☞
The current business model of an internet cafe will probably not exist that much longer — at least not in Central Europe. That’s why this show aims to provide a sort of snapshot to appreciate the internet cafe as something of a non-place with its strange aesthetics. Through the work of eleven young international artists and designers, the internet cafe as a place will be resuscitated and put into a modern context. The various internet art works show, reflect, explain and question current internet phenomena. There will be websites, videos and installations.☞ Come along, bring your friends and enjoy some art and music in the internet café atmosphere!
Curated and designed by Anna Unterstab