Canadian Speedshow (too cold to go outside)

Location: Someone Special Internet Cafe, 616 Seymour Street, Vancouver BC Canada

This is a Speed Show just for Canadian Artists. Plus Nicolas Sassoon. He’s French, but he lives in Vancouver.

I’d like to point out that I’m generally really against things like “Local Artists Show!” or, “Support Canadian Designers!”. I think choosing to display someones work based on where they live is limiting, and a little ridiculous. That being said, the lions share of talented internet artists I interact with and discover on the web are Canadians, or foreign artists living and working in Canada. The web is lousy with cheese-heads. Infested with Canucks. I’m actually pretty surprised there aren’t more Tim Hortons/Hockey related netart pieces.

Even so, none of the artists selected to be in this show are in it because of where they live. They’re in the show because their artwork is great. And I can’t say why there are so many Canadians involved in internet art. But it could be that the internet is a more appealing artistic medium when it’s too cold to go outside.

Thank you to scotty2hotty69 for helping put this show together.

– Aureliano Segundo

Participating Artists:

Jeremey Bailey

Simon Baker

Aaron Chan

Lucy Chinen

Patrick Cruz

Stephanie Davidson

Juliano Garcia

Emilie Gervaise

Matt Goerzen

Jeffrey Henderson

Joanna Lie

Janine Oneil

Mel Paget

Jon Rafman

Freida Ray-Green

Robin Ripley

Nicolas Sassoon

Chris Shier

Mathew Williamson

Curated by Aureliano Segundo