dfghfhg – Soloshow – Daniel Temkin

thesis show for the Bard-ICP MFA Program in Advanced Photographic Studies

dfghfhg.com dfghfhg.com dfghfhg.com

dfghfhg.com dfghfhg.com dfghfhg.com

Monday, Feb 13, 7pm-10pm

90 Bowery Internet Cafe
90 Bowery @ Hester St
New York, NY

The web is our parking lots, our strip malls, our office parks. On the large scale, it is often banal and commercial, a landscape that reveals and reinforces our compulsive habits. But on the small scale, the plumbing of the web is strange and surprising, something I expose by misusing this underlying technology.

All are welcome unless you’re one of these people:

Work in the show was created by Daniel Temkin between 2010 and 2012 and is open source, released under the appropriate Creative Commons or GNU GPL license.


DOKU Website

Cory Arcangel,JODI and Daniel with cool Moiré effect on his shirt.

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